Behind The Artworks: Our Common Sense - Harbinger Of Calamity (2021)

Before we go to the artist we try to think through what we want on the album. It’s important for us that the albumcover reflects our tracks. In the case of our new album we see the statue as the messenger of the harbinger of calamity. He’s holding a book, which is meant to represent the Hammer of Witches. The statue is consumed by darkness representing the abyss. While the wings on the statue are hinting the Icarus Complex of the statue. The fact that the statue is crumbling down, tells us he’s giving in on the pressure, that was slowly crushing down on it.

Our initial thought was to release only the first five tracks of the album represented on the artwork. After a long talk with Carlo from WormHoleDeath, he convinced us to release our first five tracks as well. Back in 2018, we made another artwork for those five songs too. This artwork represented Medusa, Inhale..., ...Exhale and Sorrow.

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