Behind The Artworks: Siren's Rain - Rise Forth (2021)

The artwork for Rise Forth was created by fantasy illustrator Linley Barba, @penandwand. Linley is based in the Pacific Northwest and Scotland. Her artwork is inspired by folklore and paganism. Rena had found her on Instagram after sharing one of her pieces for Winter Solstice. When considering what type of art the band wanted for Rise Forth we decided that we really wanted a folk metal album cover that would immediately say “This is a folk metal band”. The previous two albums had very different artwork. Beneath the Narrows featured the band’s logo and Nightmares from the Abyss was a painting from a local tattoo artist/artist featuring a water monster type creature. In working with Linley we were asked what three words best describe the tone of the album, and which elements of her work we most wanted to incorporate. Considering the title track Rise Forth is about a way party, Linley crafted the idea as our instruments as our weapons. The instruments appear to have mystical and sonic powers. After seeing the finished artwork our initial response was that we all really want the outfits in our album cover. We look amazing and you get a feel for what the album will sound like. Please go and check out @penandwand on Instagram and give Linely some love for Rise Forth!

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