Behind The Tracks: Gamma Tauri Spawn - Utu (Single) (2021)

The concept of the song "UTU" is based on...

The Sumerian god Utu and the hymn of Utu. Sumerians believed that they are descendants from the Annunaki , this is an alien race . Utu is essentially interpreted in this song as the alien deity which judges the humans in their ways. And the all seeing eye which can be referred to the power in which ancient civilisations was controlled by. It has been said that the Annunaki created humans as slaves to dig for gold which still in some aspects can be opinionated to be relevant to todays modern society and systems.

The intro was recorded with the middle eastern instrument called the "Saz" to give am authentic touch to the theme of the song. Then the song blasts through deep traditional death metal vocals, fast riffs and sweeps and of course savage drum battery!

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