Behind The Tracks: Vile Urn - Breath (Single) (2021)

Composed by Özgür Atmaca, lyrics written by Mert Karabulut and the visuals done by Buğrahan Eroğlu Breath says that existence actually means loneliness, but the common point of all beings is this loneliness, this song adds a different meaning to this point for Vile Urn. While knowing man is the reflection of the universe, like universe man also exists to create but also supports the idea that destruction is in their nature.

When we were beginning the composition, we wanted to deal with the slow-developing but suddenness of the big bang. Just like in the universe, the chaos of the formation of stars and galaxies in a very small slice of time and their mathematical compatibility form the intro of the piece. We then reflected that the matured universe, which had completed its evolution, was calmly moving to create a bigger picture, while all material and energetic formation was laid out on a plane.

However, there is no escape from entropy in this calm universe and in people who work just like him. This sudden destruction and creation process drags us into a new chaos, as in the beginning, but with more positive emotions.

But… the universe, as always (as it should be), reminds us of destruction again. While striving to create a new whole from the shattered pieces, he continues to prepare his own end and accepts the situation while he is still in the middle of the road. In order not to be alone, he embarks on his last battle with one last energy, but with the most intense emotions he has hidden, and comes face to face with a much greater chaos, destruction and death.

Now… It is starting that war that will never end. It conveys similar creative and destructive qualities to its own creations. While it fully accepts the thought that there is no end, it collapses into itself again when it least expects.

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