Track By Tracks: After Dusk - The Character Of Physical Law (2021)

1. T.c.o.p.l (357):

Lyrics about the idea of a holographic world. All are more than 90% empty space, yet we perceive a universe. We put 357 in the title because when that riff hits you it is like you are being blasted with a magnum!

2. Masters of Earth:

The perspective of someone visiting Earth after the extinction of humans. Some of our black metal influences are distinct here.

3. A corpse with a smile:

A story, full of black humor with upbeat riffs.

4. Even the sun must die:

If even the sun must die someday, why do most of us act like we’re gonna live forever?

5. A phantom epiphany:

This is a true story. If you read the lyrics you won’t need any more info. It’s pretty straight to the point.

6. Take the bitterness away:

Our guitarist Bill wrote this beautiful music after a friend died in a motorcycle accident. Life is full of ups and downs, but it’s always nice to have someone to take the pain away. And also to be that person for someone else.

7. Kings of misery:

This composition resembles a classical piece more than a rock song. It’s about people turning into what they used to hate.

8. Mindinfestation:

A truly Sabbathian riff! This song is about the search for the divine. About the fact that man is hard-wired to believe in a higher power and it is making him vulnerable in the process.

9. Pyroclastic flow (Honeydoom):

This song is one of my favorites! Heavy / thrash riffs and a beautiful melody in the chorus. The story is about a couple having an ideal vacation until all hell breaks loose from a volcano nearby.

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