Track By Tracks: Ashes Of Redemption - Washed in Blood (W.I.B) (2021)

1. Rotten:

Rotten was the first song I wrote for this EP. The entire vibe of the song hinges on the opening riff. The vocals were actually performed for a different song, not on the EP but they fit Rotten so well I used them on it instead. Lyrically the song highlights the fact that we continue on without help despite the destruction is causes.

2. By Design:

By design was one of the quickest songs I wrote for the EP. Everything seemed to come together and I didn’t tweak it much after that. There are a lot of guitar harmonies that are anchored by heavy chugging riffs. The song deals with the physical and metal pain of war.

3. W.I.B:

W.I.B. Started as a straight forward death metal song with some groove splashed around. As it evolved it became less death metal and utilized more groove. The keyboards lay down the atmosphere heavy on this track.

4. Unscathed:

Unscathed utilizes keyboard melodies the most of all the songs. It is a hybrid of old school death metal and thrash. I wanted to add some clean passages on this one to break up the heavy guitars heard throughout the EP. The guitar solo following the clean guitar part is my favorite on the EP.

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