Track By Tracks: Condemned Till Dawn - Huntsman (2021)

1. Set sail:

Ian: We wanted something to set the mood of the album so we came up with a description of what we had in mind and pitched it to Ian because he’s skilled in writing orchestral type pieces and he brought it in and everyone loved it - Tim / I wanted to have inro we could use for different tuning and that would be unique to us.

2. Predators of the Night:

Tim: Nate had half a song written that he showed me when we were hanging out one time and once he got to the end of what he had a bunch of riffages just came to me and we banged out the second half of the song presented it to the boys and Ian got the drums hammered out and our bass player at the time Fabio got the bass lines figured out

3. Turning of the Tides:

Tim: I wrote the rhythm guitars for it a couple years back I was just messing around on my guitar and wrote the beginning riff and then it was just one of those songs that each riff just comes to you and I ended up writing all the guitars in a night. I brought it into the band everyone liked it so we got all the harmonies, drums, and bass all sorted out and soon it would be 100% complete.

4. Cry For Victory:

Tim: We were at a point where we wanted to bring in a couple new songs and Ian was showing us some songs he had written and he showed us this one and everyone loved it. We really liked that it had a dark-sounding intro and the rest of the song was very progressive sounding and melodic and we all really liked it and decided to bring it in.

Ian: This song I actually first wrote was kinda a flub but everybody seemed to lie it at the time so we added it.

5. World Wreathed In Flames:

Tim: This one it’s kind of funny was actually irritated at Nate for something I can’t remember it was a couple years ago that I wrote it but for the intro/verse riff I wanted to write something that I thought would be hard for him to play and do vocals to at the same time obviously, it didn’t work out that way looking back though it was stupid to write something for that reason hey it inspired me to write a cool song that goes back to what I said earlier about how you never know what will inspire you until it does.

Ian: So I wrote the backing tracks / orchestral/choir tracks for all these songs, this song was kinda fun because the structure was very by the book and simple to input more layers into.

6. Blood and Steel:

Tim: This one I was hanging out with nate and had the intro riff written and he asked if I wanted to write a song with and I said yeah I got this riff I wrote a few days ago but had nothing else for it and he banged out pretty much the rest of the guitars minus the lead part during the chorus and the solo. We had that song written in a couple hours.

Ian: Bass drop go Boooooooom.

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