Track By Tracks: The Design Abstract - Metemtechnosis (2021)

1. Digital Dawn:

The album opener is a flurry of highly technical guitar work mixed with anthemic choruses bordering on stadium rock. It tells of the Omnisphere (singularity)’s decision to spawn a new race of humanity on earth. Digital Dawn features virtuosic guitar/synth melodies, as well as even more harsh/clean vocal contrast than before.

2. Born of Machines:

Track 2 is heavily influenced by Gothenburg Melodeath, as it features a fairly traditional song structure, and sports several catchy riffs and solos. The lyrics tell of this (aforementioned) great technological rebirth taking place.

3. The Hybrid Awakening:

Track 3 is what really sets the benchmark for the album: The same impressive riffs and leads as well as guitar and synth solos that you should expect, but with the emotionally impactful climax of the chorus, and the Meshuggah-esque breakdown sections. Lyrically, this track explains this new race of humanity is integrated with technology at a fundamental level, making humankind stronger, faster, and more versatile than ever.

4. Organic Data Fusion:

A more relaxed tempo, but still as technical as ever, track 4 features the first cello solo on the album, as well as an abundance of soulful lead work by Matt. The song tells of the ever-blurring line between humanity and technology, as -with each new generation the two become more and more inseparable.

5. Metropolis II:

A slight departure both lyrically and musically, Track 5 is a very fast-paced and to-the-point song about the over-industrialization of the new cities being built to accommodate this increasing surge in population. It features more industrial elements than normal, and displays a more simplified writing style than the rest of the album.

6. Aberration Omega:

I can’t describe this track without using the term “absolute banger” so we’ll just get that out of the way now. Track 6 is a display of everything the band is capable of in a neat 3.5 minute capsule. Epic orchestra, electro-industrial elements, soaring clean vocals, brutal lows, and of course truly impressive guitar work, all set to express the anthemic sound of rebellion. Aberration Omega tells of the formation of the rebel group that forms to rise up against the tyrannical reign of their oppressors.

7. Upheaval (Instrumental):

Track 7 is an instrumental track that represents the general civil unrest and the building of tension between Aberration Omega, and the overly-imposing rule of the Omnisphere and the ones who represent it. It features a massive percussion group, a mix of orchestra and synth, and lyrical guitar leads.

8. Sentinels:

The second lyrical and musical departure from the album, Track 8 is a much more atmospheric melodeath track exploring the focal target of the rebellion: the sacred temple of the oppressors. Musically it features (relatively) more simplistic guitar work and more groove-based drumming, with much more vague orchestra and washed-out harsh vocals. A bit of a rest before what’s to come.

9. Decryptor:

TDA’s new magnum opus is track 9: Decryptor. Everything present in Technotheism and in Metemtechnosis is here in some regard. The absolutely devastating breakdown-turned-chorus, the highly detailed orchestral work and synth layering which could very well be a soundtrack in its own right, the crushing guttural lows contrasted with crisp clean vocals, and of course riff after riff of technical-yet-memorable guitar work. All of these elements work together to tell of the saviour of Aberration Omega: the fabled Decryptor. Described as “an angel of digital reckoning” and “the archfiend of machines”, the Decryptor character is the key to the rebellion breaking through the walls of the oppressive temple, and discovering the secrets uncovered in the next album…

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