Track By Tracks: EVIL SPELL - Padre Vostro (2021)

1. Horrid:

Direct start without any half measures. Opening piece that pays homage to a Sodom-style thrash sound, with themes of Valsassina village legends revisited in Evilspell key.

2. Padre Vostro:

So much speed and so much rage to insult the church and all its associates in a goliardic way, only to suddenly slow down and make the scream well understood in its intonation of a kind of satanic mass.

3. Masonic Scum:

Could the ugh!'s a la Celtic Frost be missing from the opening? Obviously not!! Well, first we got angry with the church, now why not with Freemasonry and the so-called elite ... insults, taking the piss, and even spitting come out of the singing, while the guitars exchange speed riffs with black influences.

4. Cardinal Rapist:

Here we start slowly, at least for the first minute and a half, a sort of intro to prepare for the rest of the blow, with more death influences where the cries exhort laments and anger towards the hypocrisy of the priests... You preach well but you have fun with the altar boys...

5. Necrology:

Title of the second album by the Brianza band... Did you expect speed? Did you expect metal? Well, no indeed, Paul and Filo have pulled a little hat trick... Experimentation? Fusion? Simply expressing themselves with their other musical passions, namely the Reverend Paul's liturgical organ and theremin by Filo. Over 4 minutes of dark ambient, and only piece entirely recorded and mixed by the two Evils in a heuristic way, doing a thousand rehearsals and a thousand recordings to capture natural reverberations ... inconveniencing, indeed raping, two churches, a warehouse, and a bedroom.

6. Antisocial Satan:

After the last 4 minutes of anguish, during which you completely forgot you were listening to a metal band, indeed, you even forgot the joys of life, you are thrown back like a slingshot into hell... Speed black violent and raw for the whole piece, and then suddenly a doomy slow pace at the end. As the title suggests, it is a hymn to everything that makes up antisociality: going against the herd, social media, politics, and everything that is wrong and corrupt today.

7. Pain:

We were missing the ballad... well, if everyone has this kind of track on their albums, that is, the track where you can make out with your partner or relax for a moment, Evilspell have this nice heavy thrash ride that we could call cheerful ... so cheerful that it talks about a hospital patient who, being immobilized in bed, is subjected to the worst experiments! Luckily, bad luck also befalls assholes every now and then, and the guinea pig's revenge occurs when the doctor gets AIDS while operating on our by now deceased. It is no coincidence that Filo works in an emergency department...

8. Sacrifice:

Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, chorus: pattern seen and seen again... but why change a winning formula, on the contrary! Direct, simple, impactful, the classic song that if heard at a concert you throw away the beer or the girl and you dive under the stage to mosh even if you don't know the piece.

9. Evil Slaughter:

Last bullet of the magazine, and also the last song written by Evil, in fact Gigi's influence is very noticeable: intertwinings with the bass, death phrasings, without ever altering the Evil form. Nice and ignorant themes, almost Cranium-like: a puppet who rapes village women relegated at home every Sunday morning. First quite frightened by the mysterious character, then even sad to return to their banal lives.

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