Track By Tracks: Fierce Cult - Where Humanity Ends (2021)

1. The Beginning:

Just album intro, perfect for Live shows Intro, we always wanted to write Intro and outro for an album (THE SEED days) but deadlines always being short of time for everything, made it impossible.

2. One Shot, One Death:

Open track of the album I think that in a musical level this track really is declaration on intent, inspired in the more than regular mass shooting crimes in the US, and how the oppressive and cynical politics of the extreme capitalism breed this kind of events

3. Share My Death:

Social Networks fuckin suck, really hate those social network posers all over the world that have created this network of isolation and lies

4. Choose Your Gun:

Based on celebrities committing suicide, and after their death finding out that their perfect lives were actually full of misery and sorrow

5. Anger:

This one of the first songs written for the album just after THE SEED split out represents the frustration and Anger we were experiencing by the time.

6. Broken Glass:

This one is internally called the “ballad” or “love song”, hehehehe, I think its pretty obvious.

7. Where Humanity Ends:

Album title track, fully represents the concept of the album, greed, selfishness, human extinction getting closer every day.

8. Feed On Fear:

One of my favorite riffs of the album at least one of the most fun to play, heavy midtempo track, a classic headbanging for sure

9. Bite The Hand:

Mankind is killing the planet, we should stop biting the hand that feeds us 10. There’s Something in My Dreams · Lyrics based in the movie Borgman by Alex van Warmerdam

11. Blood:

First song we wrote for the album, it represents the sound transition we took from THE SEED to Fierce Cult

12. ... Of The End:

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