Track By Tracks: HOLLOW - Tower (2021)

1. Birth:

The beginning of our lives. The beginning of the story. I aimed for an atmospherical start on this album. A slow starter that builds up to the title track. You can find oriental vibes in the final chorus.

2. The Tower:

This one is more traditional metal. Different rhythmic structures and more information about what’s going on. Someone is trapped by someone else for a purpose.

3. Guardian:

Guardian is kind of a dialogue between the protagonist and his/her guardian. A conspiracy is hinted at, plus a prophesized saviour.

4. The Waiting Is Over:

A slower song. We realize that there is something we need to do in our lives. We need a purpose. But it is seldom easily found.

5. Destroyer Of Worlds:

The protagonist realizes that the will be a struggle. A heavy song that in my mind was the last one on side A of a vinyl.

6. Every Drop Of My Blood:

Double bass. Emotional delivery and lyrics.

7. Sunrise:

This is a song from an idea that’s probably 25 years old. Finally, come to fruition! A mix between heavy and sweet. Lyrically I wanted to convey that there always will be better times. We need hope, especially now with the pandemic and the climate crisis. But we also need to take action.

8. A Home Forgotten:

We can all feel lost and small at times. This song is about that and what it’s like when the demands and expectations are overwhelming.

9. Nation Of Man:

I wanted to write a very simple, kind of classic metal song. It’s about how we have to team up to get things done.

10. Wander On:

Rounding it off. But the journey perhaps never ends. A thrashy riff, in the beginning, leads to an epic chorus and moves further on to a softer conclusion. With an open ending.

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