Track By Tracks: Imaginature - Imaginature (2021)

1. Atonement:

The opening track for the album but the last one composed for it. Epic choir and superfast guitar & keys solos are its major ingredients. The band presents full potential of changing the beat, tempo, and also atmosphere, introducing darkness to the last minute of the song. The stunning guitar solo was performed by Krzysztof "Gunsen" Elzanowski (GUNSEN solo project, Pathfinder band).

2. Edge:

This song may be considered the most power metal-style one on the album. Fast tempo, catchy melodies, with Konstantin Naumenko (Sunrise, Delfinia) delivering lead vocals. During only four minutes there are many surprises waiting for the listener. Let's leave it this way and move to another track.

3. Imaginature:

The self-titled track unveils the most classical approach of all band's songs. It's Imaginature's cantata, the song inspired by Bach, Paganini, and other great composers. Konstantin Naumenko completes the song with his crystal-clear voice, and there are also catchy guitar solos.

4. Shade Enchantress:

The longest and the most atmospheric track on the album. It's the story of true, unbendable, and timeless love. This time band decided to incorporate a female soprano voice (Anna Dembowska). She provided sweet phrases throughout the song, with great vocal lines before the guitar solo. There are also heavy guitar riffs, melodic whistle/pipes, and a choir that makes this song very special. It contains faster moments, but most of the time feels like a fairy-tale soundtrack.

5. Renegade:

This track was meant to be the most old-school one on the album, with heavy guitar riffs, high-pitch vocals, and earth-shattering drums. The band incorporated lots of rhythm changes here which made an impression of a long drum solo (you can actually hear both bass and drum solos in this track). Imaginature's drummer Krzysztof showed his best skills and patterns, but the guest vocalist Tomasz (Thermit band) also gave a great performance.

6. Through the Cellar Door:

The first band's single wasn't chosen by an accident. It contains all key ingredients of Imaginature's music - symphonic, power, and prog metal with complex guitar riffs, accompanied by massive bass and drums, melodic keyboards, and whistles with passionate vocals of Anna Dembowska & Konstantin Naumenko. This track has great melodies from both vocals and instruments (especially lead parts). The guitar solo has amazing moments raised by a few surprising drum shots. The lyrics focus on the basics origins of feeling fear and human nature that tempts them to fight against it instead of knowing it and accepting it.

7. Near the End:

Definitely the heaviest track on the album, yet with slight touches of a piano which made it a little softer than it was meant to be at first. The band decided to put this song as its second single because of "in-your-face" powerful guitar riffs, and metal is the kind of genre that cannot exist without heavy guitars. In addition, there are great vocals (even growls) provided by Margo (Moyra band). Lyrics are about a strange kind of relationship that nowadays could happen to anyone. To be more direct, the subject that was brought up here is stalking. This exact song has mind-blowing drums parts from start to its ending, which makes you wonder how many hands and legs were used to record it.

8. Weather the Storm:

The fastest track on the album, with a definite power-metal attitude, was inspired by bands such as Rhapsody of Fire and Nightwish (their old songs). In this one, Konstantin Naumenko gave a phenomenal guest appearance, with great energy and charisma. It's hard to pick one special moment of this song - whether it is the breakdown with its great melody, the energetic guitar solo, or soft piano ending - there is a lot to choose.

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