Track By Tracks: Mental Torment - Ego:Genesis (2021)

The title track of the album "Acceptance" tells about the meeting of a person with an inevitable catastrophe, the fear of loss and acceptance of his fate.

The second "New days, old wounds" describes the emotions of a person walking hand in hand with suffering caused by fears, about how, no matter what, he continues on his way, preserving the remnants of hope.

"The untitlet" is a cry for help, in it the main character appeals to the universe with pleas for deliverance from all the sorrows that have fallen to his lot.

"Conclusion" tells about reconciliation with fate, repentance and awareness of the immortality of the soul.

"The river" is a description of a certain transcendent experience beyond the material world: the transition of the soul from one plane of being to another.

The sixth track is "Black". Here is an attempt to describe the experiences associated with how conditioning absorbs the personality, how destructive and harmful feelings of oneself and others begin to sprout from the darkest corners of consciousness. Also, a common point for almost all songs is the conflict of the ego (our "I") with circumstances that threaten to deprive a person of certain things.

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