Track By Tracks: Moon Reaper - Descent (2021)

1. Time Warper:

Written in lockdown 2020 by Morgan (guitar/vocals), and put together through band practises the subject matter is centred around falling into a state in which time is meaningless and yet all encompassing, (within a black hole). Time Warper is the lyrical equivalent of leaping through the dimensions seamlessly and agonisingly. A balance of bliss and cacophony, eternity and split seconds, the answers to the past and the paved path. Ultimately it describes the dimension bending aspect of the experience of being sucked into a black hole. Genrelly, we went for a unique blend of progressive metal, groove metal, doom metal and beatdown (especially toward the end).

2. Spiralism:

Written in 2019 by Morgan (guitar/vocals). A mix of post/doom/stoner metal, black metal and beatdown with a pinch of hardcore. Written with the original line up of Moon Reaper, this track is fairly emblematic of our sound, allowing space for the notes to have impact upon the listener, atmospherically aspiring to send chills down your spine at the very thought of being consumed by the great cosmic death. Lyrically, this reflects this, it portrays the process of being crushed by the void, swallowed by the abyss, and the inescapable lure of the black hole, spiralling into an eternal and perpetual death.

3. C(l)rockwork: 

Also written in 2019, this piece was moulded as a band, but again mainly put together structurally by Morgan. Exploring more of that progressive feel with elements of doom, black metal and stoner. Focusing on the futility of human existence, teleology and nihilism, Clockwork compares our lives to the meshing of cogs within an ethereal cosmic machine.

4. Godeater: 

Written in lockdown 2020 by Morgan, this song is a personal favourite, experimenting fluctuating between the realms of hardcore, black metal, doom metal, progressive metal and death metal. The lyrics depict the devouring of 'divinity', the earth, moons, stars and the gods by deep space entities. The idea of monolithic armageddon is very prevalent here. The foretelling of the destruction and obliteration can be seen in our music video for this song, available YouTube.

5. Necromancy:

Written in lockdown 2020 by Morgan. Necromancy is the concept of immersion and absolute affinity of one with the universe, the concept of being completely integrated with all other matter around you, and the recognising of one's atomic similarity to everything around you and beyond. This concept allows freedom from fear of death, the ability to dissolve the ego of the self and the awareness that your energy and matter will inevitably return to the universe where it was forged. This song fuses doom/sludge with post metal, blackgaze/DSBM with alt rock.

Drum programming/writing credit: Katherin McLaughlin and Kray Mundy (producer) Bass tracking: Aidan Rutter

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