Track By Tracks: Over Nemesis - De Integro (2021)

We wanted to pay tribute to one of the famous Bluesman and founder of the "Club of 27" namely Mr. Robert Johnson.

We put ourselves in the head and in the place of this gentleman when he met at this famous Crossroads and to know how it went!

From this idea and this vision, the inspiration came and the album stemmed from it. With the titles recording, the artwork was easier to reproduce in relation to the vision we wanted to reflect, to convey.

And for this occasion, we contacted Robert LONNIE III, grandson of Robert LONNIE, producer of the label The Diabolus Blues Recording where he had produced the song “Clarksdale”, written and recorded by Boney Lemon HOPKINS and Toothless Harp JEFFERSON, in 1928.

We had permission from Robert LONNIE III to record a new rock version of the song "Clarksdale" and, above all, the mission to restore, as much as possible, the original work.

1. All This Time:

Relates a man's questioning of who he is and what he has seen since his journey

2. Virginia:

Is a blues relating to the first love of Mr. Johnson.

3. Wisdow, Strenght & Beauty:

As he goes from town to town and shares his music on stage, the Bluesman gains confidence and dexterity until one of his fathers ridicules him on stage. This causes paralysis on the Bluesman and his instrument.

4. Pledge:

This is the fateful moment when the pact is signed between the Bluesman and the Devil. The latter confirms to the person concerned that he made the right choice.

5. Devil’s Mastery:

The Bluesman returns to the previous city where he goes back on stage and reveals his mastery of his instrument. He is furious, possessed and captivates the public.

6. Clarksdale:

This song tells the story of the meeting between the Bluesman and Papa Legba with which this protagonist extends his hand and the opportunity to become a master in the field and famous.

7. Blue Lady:

The Bluesman meets his new companion in the bar where he performs and the young woman's gaze captivates him.

8. On The Roads:

This composition recounts the period when the Bluesman was on the road with his son-in-law and his musicians to play, present and unveil his musical repertoire.

9. Time Is Counted:

As fame spreads to Mississippi, Papa Legba reminds the Bluesman that his time is running out, and the musician has traded his soul for the virtuosity and recognition of his fathers.

10. The Last Blues:

Last concert where the Bluesman takes the stage and the celebrity is at its peak. The mastery of his instrument is total and the public demands and idolizes him.

11. Shines The Light

The moment is up and the Bluesman decides to cede his soul to Papa Legba. This moment is crucial but legendary because the musician chooses to die while giving birth to his legend; which will be eternal.

12. The Devil’s Lair:

The Bluesman awakens in a maze where he witnesses the atrocities of Man upon Man. He goes step by step and he discovers another world. This makes him think about the choice to have signed with Papa Legba; which turns out to be good but bad at the same time. Wisely, he concluded that the idea of sacrificing one's most precious essence for fleeting fame was a bad idea.

We thank you very much for the time you spent listening and reviewing our album!

Thanks everyone,

Over Nemesis

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