Track By Tracks: Spectral Darkwave - At Outer Dark (2021)

1. The Insertion:

Details what has been our day-to-day existence: converting horror into songs. Scouring the tides of time to find choice cuts of human suffering to offer our Lord Cthulu. We believe your war crimes of particular interest to HIM. They make great choruses.

2. 731:

A particular succulent moment of horror in your history. Live human experimentation with no quarter given. We managed to turn the screw on this one – it makes for grim watching but better listening. The pulsing bridge is particular satisfying in this one.

3. The March of Sses:

The ultimate matriarch, leading her fellow Elephants to war. The clash iron is muffled by the roar of Elephant Beasts bred as weapons for two centuries. This is the story of the largest of them.

4. The First Church of Chaos:

At the ends of the Earth, in 3002AD the Middle East is desolate, stripped of resources but a faction remains, unchallenged, converting the town by town, village by village

5. The Founding of Man:

From the earliest kindling of fire, to the cascading power of nuclear fusion and then the fission needed for faster than light travel. This song captures the horror of human invention and the destruction it has caused through the ages.

6. Galactic North:

Less a song, more a call to arms. Here the Arch-Kakoph outlines the stakes in our pursuit of horrors most foul as an offering to Our Lord. It is particularly insightful as to the human role. In quiet moments, it restores our faith.

7. The Last Red Hypergiant:

A track that captures the anticipation of travelling toward the end of the galactic timeline to capture the supernova of the largest star remaining in the galaxy and it's devastating impact on surrounding systems.

8. A Season of Abyssal Screams:

The song details the normalisation of human sacrifice in Mayan culture according to their early concepts of astronomy. Yearly the season would come round and the screams would be heard from the high ground, We are particularly please with the depth of our harvest here.

9. A Toll Is Due:

This is an ode to the patriotic, vengeful joy expressed by the inventor Fritz Haber in the deployment of gas warfare during the European War. There was no regret, only deep satisfaction in the terror caused.

10. Voyage of the Necronaut:

There are occasions in the timeline where the pain of a single soul can worth the weight of thousands. Here we interrogate the story of the Greek Tithonus. In this timeline, he has his eternal life but not eternal youth. Whatever becomes of him, he is reformed and cannot die – his forever pain is like a fine spirit in our collection.

11. At Outer Dark:

Returning to the good ship Darkwave, the song details our need to meet and become one with Our Lord Cthulu as we detect his entry into our continuum at the North West spiral arm of the galaxy. Our plan is to intercept him, offer our horrific wares in tribute and gain his recognition. However, things do not go according to our expectations.

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