Track By Tracks: Superstatic - Glimmering Veil (2021)

1. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream:

The song is based on Harlan Ellison’s eponymous short story. First two verses are a quote from the story. The main character is a military artificial intelligence called AM that gained consciousness and eradicated mankind. It left five humans alive to torture them eternally.

2. Mutabor:

The song is based on a Soviet short animated movie “Caliph Stork” which, in turn, was based on an eponymous tale by Wilhelm Hauff. “Mutabor” (latin for “I shall transform”) is a spell that, combined with the effect of magic powder, transform a human into any animal (and the other way around). If someone turns into an animal, and laughs while being an animal, then that person will forget the magic word and stay an animal forever.

3. House Dagoth:

The song is based on a CRPG The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is actually a prayer of a disciple who awaits the return of Dagoth Ur. Special effects in the song (creepy pads, whispers, flies etc) are sampled from the Sixth House caverns in the game.

4. Edge:

This is actually a death/doom version of the song “Edge” from Rakoth’s album “Tiny Deaths” from 2003. It’s not a cover, I was the composer and the lyrics author back then.

5. I Am the Doorway:

The song is based on Stephen King’s eponymous short story. The main character is a former astronaut. Something is trying to break into this reality through him. It all started with the eyes appearing on his fingertips…

6. The Rose Garden:

The song is based on Arthur Machen eponymous short story. At first the story looks like a romantic tale about young lady in love with a gentleman, but it’s actually about an occult apprentice (the girl) and a teacher (the man). The album title (“Glimmering Veil”) is taken from this story.

7. Remember Citadel:

The song is based on System Shock 2 video game. All samples are from the game. Female voice is mainly SHODAN, the malicious AI. The lyrics, actual vocal parts, are from the perspective of The Many — a biological hive mind created by SHODAN. They are trying to talk to the game protagonist, nameless marine.

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