Band Biographies: Lights On The Coast

With a particular vision of making a bold statement and a mission to craft a sound that stands out from other bands in the genre of Metalcore, Lights on the Coast was created. With what started out as a passion project, the band came to be in the summer of 2015 by founding member Matt Torres in Baltimore, MD. Before the start of Lights on the Coast, however, Matt had been in notable and prominent projects local to the Albuquerque, NM scene and has had the opportunity to share the stage with the biggest bands in the genre and play the Ernie Ball stage at Warped Tour in previous years. After creation and a few years of struggling to find the right members, in 2019, momentous changes began to take place. The band formed its current lineup, bringing to light a mold of the current fiercely melodic and impassioned sound that defines them today.

In 2018, Victor Hernandez found Lights on the Coast on a Facebook post and contacted the band directly over DM. He expressed high interest in the project and was later offered a position as their Rhythm Guitarist. He had an endless passion for music and shared a similar vision as the group, and aligned with the band’s values well. Following that moment, the lead vocalist dismembered which ignited the search for what would have to be theperfect fit and Josh Figueroa was found. He crushed vocal auditions and clicked with everyone. This newfound excitement led the band to write and release their first single together, “Awaken” dropped on Ghost Killer Entertainment, a song that breathes the band’s true essence and is their most remembered track today. By Spring of 2019, the band released their second single, a music video for “Memories” via Spaceuntravel which boosted their presence greatly on social media. Shortly after, Dion Elliott became a permanent member as the full-time Drummer. The band went on to share the stage with sizeable acts such as The Plot In You, SECRETS, Capture, Convictions and Auras (among others) prompting another single release in January of 2020, “Alive Inside” before signing to Manic Kat Records that Spring.

Since the Manic Kat Records signing announcement, the band had been hard at work writing and producing their debut EP on the label which is now complete. ’Signals’ was mostly written in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown and a way to express their own reflection of life, personal growth and relationships during this time of difficulty. This record, co-produced, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Dolese of Konkrete Studios is set to be released Fall of 2021 followed by The Broken Signals Tour. The record is highly anticipated and a huge step forward for the band. Unfortunately, in February of 2021, Lights on the Coast lost a member, Victor Hernandez who had passed away suddenly. The band continues to march on and has been given a whole new meaning; to also honor Victor in memorial and carry on the LOTC legacy that he helped create.

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