Behind The Tracks: Four Stars - Worth It (Single) (2021)

"It's a song about knowing that despite your past and what you've been through that you are worthy of self love and the love of others," says vocalist Aida Ahmed. "Working with Seth Henderson and Dave Knox taught us the tools and musicianship we needed to take this song to the next level. In the video, the character Benjy plays can be seen jumping into the river in an attempt to drown. This was meant to show the mental battles many of us struggle with and sometimes drown in everyday even though it may not be visible to anyone else. This song is a reminder that 'I'm Worth It, even though I know I'm far from perfect.'"

The song has recently taken on a second connotation for Ahmed, who was recently mugged at gun point.

"I was helping a friend get home from Riot Fest and a young man attempted to carjack us at gunpoint," says Ahmed. "Thankfully I was able to maneuver my vehicle out of the situation and to safety. The car took some damage in the process but no one was injured. I spent a long time thinking I was unfortunate but, after a bit of reflection I quickly realized how glad I was to be alive. No matter how bad things get, life will always feel worth it to me."

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