Behind The Tracks: NEXT TIME MR. FOX - Bestias (Single) (2021)

"'Bestias' will be the opening track of our upcoming EP. It comes with an intro, 'A.D.', basically forming the concept of this track: 'A.D. Bestias'. Yours to read as 'Year Of The Beasts' or 'To The Beasts'. In the past year, everyone has faced harsh and difficult times. Here in Italy, when our country seemed to be the epicenter of this mess at the beginning of the pandemic, we held on with mantras such as 'we will make it!' or 'we will come out of this as better human beings'. Probably everyone else around the world heard something like this repeated by authorities or medias. But, in the end, did it work? Are we really coming out of this as better beings? No, definetely we are not. As soon as we started to regain some freedom in our everyday life, instead of taking care of each other and trying to start a process of self-improvement, the majority fell in a spiral of doubt and grudge. To blame someone with a different way of thinking has now become easier than ever. Fear and impatience have taken place of understanding and empathy. We did not come out of this at all. And, when we will, we will not find ourselves as better human beings. We have become beasts, and this has been our year. With this track, we followed the guideline traced with our previous singles 'Basilisk' and 'Smackdown' with a more hardcore-centered style. Basically it sounds like if Pantera and Lamb Of God tried to play a strange mixture of hardcore and death metal while fighting with Gojira and Misery Signals, with Converge and Killswitch Engage being the judges. Vocals have pretty much stayed the same, with a core structure of growl and scream and a more ample variety of yelling. A nod to the past while still keeping it fresh".

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