Behind The Tracks: STFLR - Looking For Answers (Single) (2021)

Looking For Answers is our forever set-closer, EP closer, and the closing of this era of the band. The song musically was written collaboratively by all of us and we feel that’s why it’s one of the stronger tracks on the EP. The tone of the song is a little darker and mature than the other tracks and invokes self-reflection.

The song lyrically was written by Nick (vocals) after he found out he was going to be a father for the first time. The first verse is almost like a prayer, calling out to someone or something to help you be a better person. All the insecurities and fears that come along with becoming a parent were poured into this first verse.

The anthemic chorus begs the listener to come to terms with their own mortality. Every member of our band is married, has kids, or both. Time waits for no one. Being in a band gives you a “never grow up forever” card, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still ponder those heavy questions. We all want answers to the questions no one has answers to. Looking back and reflecting on your life can be beautiful, but also painful in some instances. Those pieces of our youth are dead and gone and we have closed that chapter of our life.

Verse two again deals with mortality and death. When we feel like we can’t wrap our heads around the finality of death, a lot of people just hide their fear through laughter. Like the sad clown. Laughing outside, crying inside. Also, showing your partner who you truly are can be a terrifying thing. So much so that you are afraid to show who you truly are because, perhaps, you don’t even know.

This brings us to the ending therapy session. This outro was heavily inspired by Spanish Love Songs (Pure Noise Records). During this ending, Nick pours every insecurity and fear right onto the page without remorse or second-guessing. At some point in everyone’s life, we feel like we aren’t enough or we haven’t made the right choice. We struggle through the tough times instead of trying to thrive. The 40-hour workweek grind has gotten the best of everyone from time to time and this outro captures that feeling perfectly. Who hasn’t gotten tired of waking up, going to work, coming home, rinse and repeat? These lyrics are meant to hit home on an emotional scale.

We are so proud of this song and this EP and the fact that people are connecting with it in a positive way means the world to us. If anyone reading this is having trouble with their mental health, please reach out to a loved one or even us through social media. We will always respond to you. When things seem bad, they never feel like they’ll be good again. But I promise you they will be.

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