Track By Tracks: BANGKOK DOLLARS - Lost Souls (2021)

1. FREE:

One night we came to our HQ after a couple of beers and started to play around with some stuff. All of a sudden and out of nowhere Janne played some grunge-style riffs and everybody joined in on that. Later on, Max came up with the lyrics and the melody for the chorus. The song is about liberating yourself from the disturbing world.


The song got its start in our band rehearsal. We were playing around and then Janne came up with the main riff. Soon everyone got the hang of their own parts and voilà we had a new cool song ready to hit the studio.

The song tells about confusing moods when you’re a prisoner inside your head and you can’t control yourself. Everything feels heavy and "cramped" and there's no way out. It's a story about losing your mind and falling in insanity.

3. Heat of the night:
Song came from Jannes desire to make classic 80's style hard rock song.
Song tells a classic love story in hard rock way. The feeling when your heartbeat raises and you cant get your mind out from your loved one. Love story with honey dressing.

4. Lost Souls:

This song is the single for the album and its all about getting back and fighting through tough times. Its ment to give you power to carry on no matter what! Truly great melodies and the song keeps the mood up from start to the end where is a little spice for a surprise.

Song is originally fully made by Janne and then it did get its final form at our HQ. Its maybe more "classic" Bangkok Dollars stuff than some of the other songs.


The main riff invented by Tino was really the starting point for this song. The song is one of the heaviest songs in the album and it includes some orchestral elements in it.

The lyrics of this one are about fighting your own fights and staying true to yourself. It leaves a lot for the listener to interpret.


The idea came from Tino for the whole song. Janne did some adjustments for the arrangements of the chorus and boom it blew our minds away. We were trying to make a little bit heavier song with some progressive vibes and break out from the regular BD stuff.

Here again, the lyrics really leave room for a listener to figure out the true story behind them. Our view is that it's about discovering the world and the powers of the nature that we live from. We can't really think that humans can outpower nature it will in the end go the opposite way.


Tino came up with the main riff one night and sent it to Janne straight away. Tino had written some slightly controversial lyrics so we had to fix them a bit and the end result made it to the album.

The song itself is a classic fast-paced rock n roll song packed with adrenaline. Very solid piece of art!

8. Wild ride:

It's all about confidence and knowing your value. Showing the world what you got and being the coolest guy in the scene. Song got its idea from the main riff that Tino came up with after a couple of beers at the local pub. Janne did the arrangements for the song after that. Very straightforward hard rock song with a great guitar solo.


The song got it's start from a guitar riff that Janne had come up with. Janne also came up with the name of the song right away but the lyrics and the melody were made up later by Max.

The lyrics are about brotherhood and fighting together through the hard times that we all face from time to time. A good reminder that nobody should be left alone, together we are stronger and can handle the shit that life throws from time to time much better.


Max had the main riff and the all-around idea for the song. He made a demo and we listened to it together in our HQ. Then Janne added his own flair to the song and after that, all that was left to do were the lyrics.

The lyrics are about standing on your own feet and carrying the responsibilities that you have.

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