Track By Tracks: Bleed Again - Resurgence (2021)

Commanding riff slingers BLEED AGAIN release their sophomore album, Resurgence, this Friday. We exclusively spoke to the band and asked them to give us a track-by-track breakdown of each of the songs on the album: 

1. Prevail:

‘Prevail’ is arguably the most positive song on the album. This track is about unity, whilst being yourself. Standing up for yourself and others. The world likes to put us in boxes yet as we are all human, we are all so different.

Staying true to yourself is very important. Some aspects of your life might not seem as important to those closest to you. Some of us need different things to help keep our heads clear. ‘Survive’ tackles this theme with its brash yet anthemic sound.

3. Sign of Fire:

The first line of the chorus, ‘You run away at the first sign of fire’ describes the meaning of this song very accurately. Aimed internally as well as externally, this derives from giving up on something at the first inconvenience rather than fighting for what you love. Feelings of helplessness, resentment, forgiveness, and desperation but all the while needing to convince yourself you’ll find a way out.

The rawness of ‘Victim’ stems from self-separation. How you can lose yourself and not know why. The scary thing about depression is that at times you can feel like you're outside of your own body, watching yourself fail and you don’t know how to fix it.

5. Memories:

Grief can never be explained. You can’t even experience it to understand it. There are many different stages. Anger, sadness, shock. In loss, remember what once was. Not what you have lost. Memories are more important than you could ever imagine.

6. Reflection:

We wanted to try and capture the emotion and loneliness we’ve all felt when taking a moment to be deep in thought with no distractions. Aptly named ‘Reflection’, we believe the cinematic and moving melodies combined with the repetitive acoustic guitar create a feeling of self-reflection, peace and serenity which then swells up into the next song on the album.

7. Divine Life:

‘Divine Life’ was born out of pure frustration. All we seem to see or hear on the news is negativity, fear-tactics, and lies. The lyrics were written as an attack and wake up call to anyone who stands to divide, oppress or stamp down on those less fortunate. The fury and aggression captured in the vocals and instrumental were intentional as a way to vent and allow others to do the same. Love will always win above hate.

8. The Execution:

‘The Execution’ is about that point in your life where you know what’s done is done. Things are never going to be the same. You have to cut that aspect of your life away to be able to carry on.

As soon as we are breathing, we are dying. We are destined for death. We are born 'Cursed'. This song is about the inevitable and what we do with our lives in the meantime. Being held back by other worldly powers, knowing you could be achieving so much more before your time is over.

10. Forgotten Ghost:

The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is one, this song was written with this in mind. As ‘mankind’ we have become a pest on this planet and have lost our way through laziness, greed, and denial. The overall message in ‘Forgotten Ghost’ is to promote positivity and that we have a chance to save our planet and future. Failing to stand together and confront any widespread issue will lead to us to die out and be forgotten, and rightly so.”

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