Track By Tracks: Kill City - Last Man Standing (2021)

1. Paradoxical Dream:

It’s an audio mix with famous speeches that shaped the world as we know it today. In a way it gave us the context where we create our music.

2. Wake up:

It’s about standing out and not doing the regular or accepted thing.

3. Countdown:

It’s about a disgraceful situation that a person had to get over and continue by himself.

4. Against Myself:

This one is the story of a toxic relationship that won’t let go.

5. When the show is over:

Actually written for a very bad person a couple of members of the band had to deal with a while ago.

6. Grey:

It tells the story of a character, which we call “Angel” that suffers through the nightmares of addiction.

7. Believe Me:

It’s a story of someone grieving his lost. Suffering and hoping to have the strength to carry on.

8. Empezar de Nuevo:

Our song in Spanish, about hope and sticking firm to our dreams until accomplishing them.

9. Follow your heart:

This song is about following our instincts in the making of music.

10. Last Man Standing:

A song about resilience, keep fighting, and staying firm without hesitating.

11. Sigue La Voz:

Our spanish version of “Follow Your Heart”.

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