Track By Tracks: Nova Spei - Sequentis (2021)

1. Animal:

“Animal” talks about pushing our limits, it is about surpassing oneself, motivation, strength and relentlessness to achieve our goals.

2. Assez:

“Assez” denounces those who use a cause to embellish their images but who do not do what they advocate.

3. Génération perdu:

We have fewer and fewer human relationships, hidden behind our screens, more and more individualistic.

4. La proie:

“La proie” denounces and sensitizes in a clear and straightforward way violence against women.

5. Sorcière:

“Sorcière” represents our vices, our weaknesses, the witch can also be an unhealthy relationship.

6. Digitalisés:

The human being has become a perishable product. We take what we need and throw it away as soon as it is consumed, the human being becomes cold and digitized.

7. Mal incarné:

It's hard to express the pain, the despair. Often it stays with us and eats away at us from within. The song is about that feeling.

8. Damné:

This one talks about resilience, to stay strong and upright despite hardships.

9. Nouvel Espoir:

When we unite, we are stronger than anything. By coming together, looking out for one another, we can build a better world. This is “Nouvel Espoir”.

10. Tête dure:

We often say that we learn from our mistakes. But nobody ever learns, it's “Tête Dure”.

11. Qui Sème le vent:

Some people despise others, they have no respect for their neighbors. But sooner or later the wind picks up and they reap what they sowed.

12. Démocratie baffoué:

The feeling of being flouted by the system, regardless of the political party, it's all the same.

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