Band Biographies: C.O.D.E

Culture Of Digital Elegance (C.O.D.E) from Athens Greece, was formed in 2008 and their sound includes a blending of electronic attitude & rock style, with alternative and progressive elements.

They released their debut album in 2008 with the title “Culture Of Digital Elegance”. In 2009, several tracks were remixed by Geedel and that had as a result the birth of their EP with the title “4 on the floor”. In 2013 they released the “Machine EP” and in 2015 they expanded their sound by adding a new member on the drums, with the single “Imperfect Love”. Over a period of several months (starting around the end of 2019), they released 4 songs which are included in their new LP album with the title “No Excuses” that was released on Oct 15th, 2021.

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