Behind The Tracks: Beyond The Styx - New World Disorder (Single) (2021)

This song is an ode to the stranger that we are all inside.

Humanity was built through different movements of people who built the civilizations of yesterday and today. This movement is called life.

At a time when many conservative policies (widely supported by more and more media) tend to make us believe that the foreigner is at the origin of all the ills experienced by the West and that the migratory crisis that we are crossing is a problem for the survival of our western society. We openly claim the opposite.

Cultural otherness is an opportunity which should not only be stigmatized as a threat and which deserves reflection and support. We discover and build ourselves through the reflection of the other, unlike the xenophobic mirror brandished by conservative movements.

As such, it should not be forgotten that we are all somebody’s foreigner somewhere. Accepting to be welcomed somewhere presupposes, above all, knowing how to welcome at home.

“Welcome to this New World Disorder!”

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