Track By Tracks: Cosmic Cold War - Inconsequential Oblivion (2021)


This is where the journey begins: a sprawling saga into the unknown darkness of space and time. Initially considering the terrors that lurk at the reaches of the universe, the track slowly reveals that these nightmares have already been planted in our minds. Contrasting intimate passages with ten- tonne aggression, the track goes down a rabbit hole of polyrhythms and changing time signatures before spitting us out on the other side of the black hole.


Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s classic short story Nyarlathotep. A creeping evil permeates this riff-fest, hinting at ancient sorcery and inevitable destruction. Inspired by the impossible technologies of Nikola Tesla and the warnings from J. Robert Oppenheimer, godfather of the atomic weapon. Is forbidden knowledge too tempting? Would you climb the twisted stair...?


A study on how one person’s pride and arrogance can result in global annihilation. The hubris of dictators and tyrants cannot create, it can only destroy. How does a despot feel when confronted with the crumbled reality of their utopian dreams? Who would want to “rule the ruins alone?”...

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