Track By Tracks: Hammerdrone - A Trinity Of Rage (2021)

The three tracks on the EP continue the short story “Eversor”, that I wrote to accompany the EP (available for download from Bandcamp when you purchase the EP). I don’t want to be too much of a spoiler, but the three tracks on the EP take place immediately after the short story ends.

Part I – Rage, Corporeal. In this part of the story, the protagonist finds himself in the afterlife, quite literally armed with the manifestations of his rage – “within my fists, rage is weaponized” – and rushes to confront the far-distant form of God, the destruction of whom he has dedicated most of his life to.

Part II – Rage, Besieged. This is the longest track we’ve ever written, at over 10 minutes long! Here, our protagonist is fighting his way through the hordes of Heaven that guard God; he is almost overcome, but finally staggers to his feet, roaring his defiance – “I will finish what I’ve begun / I will finish what I’ve become” – thus setting up the final confrontation with God.

Part III – Rage, Consummated. This is the end of the story, in which our protagonist triumphs over God, utterly destroying him in the fires of his rage. His life-long task completed, he blissfully dissolving himself into nothingness, which is represented quite deliberately in the closing minute of the song.

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