Album Descriptions: Black Blood Of The Earth - Bleak Light, Fervent Dark (2021)

The concept behind 'Bleak Light, Fervent Dark' is rather simple. The album focuses on that side of existence or a point of view which is marked with sorrow and longing, but also feeling of eeriness and mystery. It was meant to be an inner journey across the bleak sceneries beneath the hostile sun, where there is no harmony, but only cold, indifferent nature filled with death, with no 'everything is connected' uplift, silently witnessing the pointless passage of time and yet mesmerizing in this respect. There is a dose of bitterness and aggresion in this inner world - but at the same time - also turning towards resignation or instanity. The aim was to combine various atmospheres, the one based closer to the gothic/dark romanticism, and the other that is more frigid and 'Scandinavian'. Each song is a separate story set in a different time and place of such world we wanted to evoke. We also wanted the artwork to be an insight into such a chasm of rawness and obscurity. The world painted in grey, where a clear contrast between the dark and light may be expressed in music.

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