Behind The Artworks: DISCONNECTED - Life Will Always Find Its Way (Single) (2021)

Ivan (Vocalist): It's been 4/5 years since we started working with Flow Chromatorium (Chromatorium Music) and every time we think about an idea for an artwork he's producing something we really like. This time again, we were pretty sure that he will be the right pick for us.

When we gave him the theme of the song, basically considering humanity as the virus of the planet that could be taken care of, he came up with that idea of a giant that would come to life and take shape through tons of garbage, fuming chimney, petrol and all sorts of sources of pollution.

The vibe that comes out of that character is pretty freaky and awesome. He's got scary eyes and seems to have been created for only one purpose: pollute and destroy. On top of that, he definitely made me think of a great manga character from « Attack on titans », The Colossus Giant. Being a big fan of mangas I was hooked right away. It was without a doubt The artwork we needed to visually represent this song. So well done again Flow!

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