Behind The Artworks: Wretched Tongues - Ulter Praefinitum (2022)

The idea for the artwork came from wanting to push beyond the traditional look of deathcore and death metal album artwork. We wanted something to stand out against the static sea of bands, making it a bit harder to pinpoint exactly what our sound might be. It also directly correlates with the albums name " Ulter Praefinitum" which loosely translates to "Beyond the End". The artwork was created by the incredible Caelan Stokkermans, who brought our ideas directly to life. The idea for the art stemmed from the painting titled "The Fall of the Damned" painted by Peter Paul Ruben back in 1620, and we felt our ideologies aligned with that concept perfectly. We were hoping to pay homage to his incredible work, and to also identify with not knowing what comes next.

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