Behind The Tracks: EOUI - Blastocyst (Single) (2021)

The lyrics are really up to interpretation. But what I intended when I wrote them was, I like to play around with ideas of altered mindsets. A blastocyst is one of the earliest stages of human development, when it’s just a clump of cells. The song is about a person who’s wasted his life with menial and mundane tasks, slowly rotting away as he puts on an act that makes people think he’s thriving. A consequence of such a waste of a life lead to a growth in his brain, a blastocyst to be exact. So instead of cancer or some sort of parasite he’s got a human developing in his brain, and it’s toying with him. Making him all paranoid and shit, going on rampages and killing sprees. It’s just a fun concept I was messing around with, and as I said before the lyrics are up to interpretation.

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