Behind The Tracks: Lake Mosaic - Perseverance (Single) (2021)

This song was one of the first that I wrote lyrics for on the album, and basically sets the tone for the overall message of all of the songs within it. Prior to me joining Lake Mosaic, I had been playing in miscellaneous bands for over 10 years with no real success, never able to get a full project together where all members would commit. I struggled with this for a long time, and went through the hardest point in my life as a bad relationship fell apart, leading to health problems and the Covid 19 pandemic which has been difficult for everyone I think.

I had been looking for a drummer for another band I had been playing with, and had stumbled on the “vocalist needed” ad for what would become Lake Mosaic. I reached out on the ad and decided that if I didn’t hear back from that or the drummer posting, I would probably sell all my gear and quit playing music. I auditioned for the group with a demo for what became “What’s Left of Me” and “Perseverance” came shortly after I joined.

I had been struggling through so many things when this opportunity came about and this album, but really this song in particular, was a way for me to turn some really terrible feelings into something that might motivate or give hope to other people who are also going through a hard time. To be honest the idea of the lyrics came to me in a moment in spite of itself, where I felt like I wouldn’t give up, only because I had promised that I wouldn’t, even though I was so tired of trying for so many things that had never worked out in the past.

Even to this day, “Perseverance” holds me accountable for the words that I put into it when I’m not sure I want to keep trying for the things that never seem to work out. My real hope is that it gives others motivation as well, or at least an uplifting feeling when they listen to it.

Vocalist, Lake Mosaic

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