Track By Track: Blacklore - Legend Of The Lich Pirate I. (2021)

1. Blood in the Sea:
A poor orphan standing as a 5ailor on a merchant ship. He finally found a family and his place in this world. The ship is attacked by pirates, led by a captain who has been invaded by an evil demon called Uhroh (we’ll learn more about that later in the second album). They kill the entire crew of the merchant ship, except for our hero.

2. Birth of a Pirate:

Our hero is taken to the pirate ship and tied to the mast. Once he survives the man-trying conditions, he is accepted as a member of the crew. Everyone is terrified of the captain. Our hero realizes that everyone is a slave on board. He wants vengeance.

3. Long live the Captain:

Our hero, the newly admitted pirate, incites rebellion and manages to kill the captain, taking revenge on his butchered comrades. The crew chooses our hero as captain, but the joy doesn’t last long. However, with the death of the evil captain, Uhroh did not perish. He moves into the body of our hero and takes control. However, the soul of our hero cannot be completely suppressed.

4. Iloveyous with abuse:

We also get to know the other main character in the story, who is the wife of a lord of a dilapidated city brothel. The story takes us through her tumultuous lives to the final decision.

5. This town is beautiful:

Pirates of our hero ravage this city. Massacre, robbery, violence, gold.

6. The friend I’ve never had:

The lady recalls her first encounter with the pirate, when she tries to kill her husband as her last resort, but she fails. The new captain rescues the lady (thanks to the strong soul of our hero who will not allow himself to be oppressed), killing the lord of the brothel.

7. Spirit healer:

An unspoken love begins to form between the nvo of them as the captain carves a pirate out of the lady. With her help, our hero is able to break out of the spiritual prison built by Uhroh. With the help of love, he is able to take up the fight against Uhroh.

The story continues in the second half of the album, where the identity of the Lich Pirate is revealed.

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