Track By Tracks: Burned In Effigy - Rex Mortem (2021)

1. Doomsayer:

Doomsayer is a fast-paced and technical introduction to the album. The guitar progressions alternate between tight and muted and open and harmonized, building to a crushing pre-chorus and open, melodic chorus. The lyrical themes deal with the world burning while a tyrannical king watches from on high with contempt.

2. Artorias:

Artorias has the most emphasis on groove on the album. It has multiple movements, including a latin-influenced clean departure in the middle of the song. It starts with a syncopated riff that really comes together with the drums’ half-time groove, going into a verse section with a thundering double kick pattern. The middle section continues the groove between the bass and drums, and the final section builds into a climactic finale with a ripping guitar solo. Lyrically, it describes a doomed path for humanity with no chance of redemption.

3. Nightfall:

Nightfall’s lyrics are based on the tales of Vladimir Dracula and Count Orlok (Nosferatu) and seek to illustrate the neoclassical themes in the song. Musically, it incorporates multiple clean sections that outline the main musical themes that then appear in the riffs, including fast-paced tremolo picking sections with blast beats.

4. The Empiricist:

The Empiricist steadily builds emotional tension throughout the song and shifts keys multiple times, demonstrating the main theme in multiple different ways. The lyrics deal with the king’s closest advisor and right-hand man betraying him and destroying what the king had built. This song really benefited the most from vocals as opposed to its instrumental version, in our opinion.

5. Hades:

Hades is the fastest song on the album and shifts between multiple time signatures rapidly, with a mid-tempo melodic chorus and solo section. Though the groove is constantly shifting, it transitions smoothly so it feels natural instead of jarring. The lyrics illustrate the king’s descent to the afterlife.

6. Atlas:

Atlas is likely the most melodic song on the album, though it also has plenty of groove. It was originally called “Jupiter” on our first EP and now has proper production and includes vocals. The lyrical themes follow Atlas, who was cursed to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders.

7. Treachery:

Treachery is the most melodically and harmonically complex song on the album. It expresses its themes in multiple keys and includes lots of counterpoint, including sections with 3-way counterpoint between the guitars and bass. The vocal chants throughout the song hammer home the lyrical themes of divine right and corruption. The king aims to present an image to his subjects as a just and noble ruler, while he plots to spread his treachery across the land.

8. Vendetta:

Vendetta is one of the first songs written by the band and deserved a rendition for the album release. It has some speed/power metal influences and includes very lead-driven choruses and a climactic solo. The lyrics detail a murderous revenge upon one’s oppressors.

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