Track By Tracks: Death Shroud - Death, Slavery And The Pursuit Ov Sadness (2022)

All of Death Shroud's lyrics are open to personal interpretation, however, here are some brief descriptions to the inspiration behind the words.

1. Nigredo:

In Spiritual Alchemy Nigredo is the first step in the Alchemical process of Individuation and represents the burning and blackening of the Ego.

2. Death, Slavery and the pursuit ov Sadness:

This is a play on the phrase "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" from the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

In America, most children have the idea or assumption that these values are guaranteed only to find that as they enter adulthood, they must become a functional part of the workforce until they reach retirement, by which time their lives are essentially over. Happiness is fleeting, sadness plagues everyone, Liberty comes at the cost of perpetual slavery to a job they must perform to survive, and at the end of their lives of servitude, Death claims all.

3. Pervasive Emptiness:

This embodies the feeling many experiences in which no matter what they achieve in life they always feel empty inside.

4. Polar Cortex:

This song typifies a frozen, negative mindset towards life.

5. Dreams that haunt the mind:

This track is about some of the nightmares I have experienced during various periods of my life.

6. I walk among you:

This song contemplates existing in a society in which you always feel you are not a part of.

7. Putrefactio:

This is the second phase of Nigredo in which the burned content of one's former life begins to putrefy.

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