Track By Tracks: Decerebration - Follow The Scars (2021)

1. Scorched Memories:

This is the intro. It is about someone entering their own mind. It is also about not being able to let go about the past and what’s dragging you down, the sound of the chains is an example of that. The melody in the intro is also a riff in the first song, this is intentional. We wanted to set the table.

2. Infamous Duality:

The first single off the album. Infamous Duality is about having to choose between a comfortable but unhappy life and leaving that comfort to live the life you are meant to live. Musically, there is a lot of old school death metal influence. We wanted the single to show we are still Decerebration!!

3. A Ghost of Flesh and Blood:

Another old school death metal song which represents our style of writing very well. A mix of melodic and heavy riffs mixed together to make a song. Lyrically, this song is about personal relationships. It is about being with someone that is not good for you while at the same time being around another person that would be right for you. You see this person but until you leave the other relationship, this person is a ghost…of flesh and blood.

4. Follow the Scars:

Musically, this song has a clean vocal chorus. It is the first song in the album where you can hear our musical evolution. It starts with fast; thrash metal riffs and goes into heavy, slammy verses. There is also a very simple breakdown in the middle of the song. Lyrically, Follow the Scars is about going through a traumatic event, like sickness for example, beating it and coming out stronger than you were before. The scars are meant to show the battle you fought.

5. Break the Cycle:

“Break the Cycle” is about being able to let go of the past and stop repeating the same behaviors the keep bringing you down. It’s very straightforward, fast, in your face kind of song. At the same time, it incorporates slower and more melodic riffs and blastbeat riffs, something that represents Decerebration well.

6. The Factless Prophecy:

“Factless” lyrics were written at the height of COVID. It is about people being mindlessly lead by political leaders and accepting everything as fact without questioning. Again, this is a song that represents Decerebration’s style well, melody and heaviness. Fun musical fact, some riffs in the song we’re written in the late 90s and never used until now!!

7. The Gift of Anger:

This is a very heavy song. We decided the step outside the box with this one by having a clean vocal bridge and vocal harmonies over clean guitar right after. It is a slow and heavy song about using anger as a tool to better yourself and “ascend” to another level instead of self- destruction.

8. I Despise:

Probably the most violent song on the album. Musically, it’s starts with fast thrashy verses to a more melodic chorus. It has a heavy breakdown in the middle that leads into a fast, blastbeat bridge. It is violent because the lyrics themselves are. It is about realizing that you are responsible for staying in a bad relationship for years and not doing anything about it. Basically, “I Despise” is someone talking to themselves.

9. L.T.E.I:

It’s an abbreviation for Libera Temet Ex Infernis. It means “free yourself from hell” in Latin. The outro as a darker beginning and the end is happier melodically. This is meant to show what happens when you literally free yourself from things that are bad for you.

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