Track By Tracks: Paradoxicide - Savior (2021)

Savior is about living in a divided society. Both sides are willing to do anything to keep their side in power. Both sides would gladly trample over those who disagree and plant a flag of victory in their enemy’s body as it rots on the ground.

1. Art of Artifice (4:53):

What happens when the devil meets his match and makes a deal with someone so evil that the devil himself is scared?

2. Blood of Kings (4:20):

An ancient god comes back to claim humanity as his own. There are two types of people, those who welcome the new ruler and those who resist. Both are oppressed by his power.

3. Savior (4:18):

This song is the backstory to ‘Art of Artifice’ and is told from the perception of the devil. Eager to make a deal and sure he’s found another fool he convinces the man to sell his soul and mocks him when the deal is done. Little does the devil know who he made a deal with.

4. Crown of Rust (4:02):

This song is about the fall of modern religion. The foundations of the church are showing their age but those in power are unwilling to change.

5. Into the end (4:24):

This song is about the first meeting between Death and a corrupt church leader in the afterlife.

6. Hate Campaign (3:37):

At some point in the last decade or two, hate has become its own currency. The government uses it to stay in power and to keep us fighting each other and the media uses it to grab our attention and to sell advertisements to keep us divided.

7. Consumed by Hate (3:34):

After a lifetime of listening to modern media and political rhetoric it’s easy to become jaded. Sometimes you just need to let it out.

8. Plastic Throne (3:19):

Another backstory. This time to ‘Blood of Kings’. Is it about Trump? Is it about Biden? Is it about Fauci? It’s up to you. Maybe none of them; maybe all of them.

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