Track By Tracks: Quickstrike - None Of A Kind (2022)

1. Real Rock Disaster:

The album’s opener is a powerful sonic blast with an intense delivery, which sets the tone for what’s to come. The lyrics were written by our rhythm guitarist about a very special subject to him and has a deep meaning, which is probably why only he understands them completely. They use a mix of traditional and reverse psychology never really giving the subject matter away, which is why for everyone else they’re open to interpretation.

2. Shut Them Down:

Lyrically, it’s a message about having the power to be the best version of yourself, and as the title suggests, shutting down the useless ones that make you feel and think otherwise. The song has quite a few contrasts with changes in tempo, and delivery, resulting in an outro that sounds like a locomotive out of hell headed for redemption, accompanied by a screeching solo in the background.

3. Cheats n’ Liars:

“Cheats n’ Liars” takes inspiration from the various individuals that we encountered along the way. People that sound good on paper but had intentions to screw us over in the end, which we picked up on quite quickly, and never let them take it any further. So, it takes a few shots at all these types and the way they do business. It’s got a punk vibe to it, with a chanting in-your-face chorus anyone can sing along to.

4. Saint:

With this one we speak of the duality of man and the right and wrong choices, decisions we make. All that leads to asking the questions – what makes someone a saint, and who has the right to make that decision?

5. Thorn:

The inspiration for this one came from a girl that we seemed to know, and her very unstable relationship. It was basically a thing that was never meant to be, as she was more attracted to its dysfunctionality and the pain she got from it. The pain in this case, is meant in more ways than one. Musically it’s a bit slower than the rest of the songs and would be the closest thing on the album you could dance to, as it complements the lyrics with its sleek vibe.

6. Son of a Gun:

“Son of a Gun” is aimed at the ones that wanna tell you how to live, how to look, what you can and what you can’t say by criticizing their authority and relevance. The lyrics sum up why any of their statements have no foundation or right to be made in the first place, and with its aggressive anthemic-style delivery cements that statement.

7. Pergament:

This one is the darkest and most sinister song on the album and speaks of the consequences of making a deal with the devil. While it may seem so, it has no religious context to it, but it does have a hidden and deeper meaning. The sound helps create this dark atmosphere and puts the listener in a one-on-on encounter with the demonic narrator of the song, who delivers the grim outcome of your choices.

8. Rebel Radio:

The song was basically born out of the chorus, which came first, and we combined it with a wild and driving riff we had laying around, which fit perfectly. The lyrics are basically a recap of a pre-show preparation week, which we had a few of back in the day. It’s the fastest track on the album, and during live shows it’s our major energy discharge, where we make it as intense as possible.

9. Nice Hair, Bad Habits:

This one’s got quite a double meaning, as the chorus came first, which was written with our band in mind, but while writing the lyrics, came to paint another picture in them. It also tells the story of a girl who rebelled against the status quo of the things and people around her, choosing instead to do the opposite – write riffs and play in a band. It’s one of the more experimental tracks, as it features two rap verses on it, while built on a punk sound, making it quite unique.

10. None of a Kind:

“None of a Kind” is one of the last songs we wrote, which went on to be both the title track, and the band’s anthem, as it perfectly sums up what we are in one song. The music came during this dark and groovy jam we had going to one rehearsal and kept working on it afterwards. Sonically it’s this dark and groovy machine coming at you without any signs of slowing down or stopping. The lyrics were done in one sitting, which took about an hour, and complement the music by creating this dark, forgotten wasteland vibe, and they both click just right. Once we finished it, there was no doubt that this is what defines us and the album.

11. Moonlight Mornings:

With this one we set out to create an acoustic guitar-based ballad type song, but we soon found ourselves adding more elements to it, and it became a fusion in the end. As it starts off quite mellow, it transitions into an overdriven sound that carries on til’ the end, but stays true to the melodic base it was built upon. The lyrics speak about being trashed and down, but still having the strength to go on, no matter what, and the vocal delivery captures that feeling perfectly, as it’s true and raw till the last breath. Note - “Moonlight Mornings” is an exclusive bonus track on the Japanese special edition.

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