Track By Tracks: Sinful Ways - Darkest Days (2021)

1. Welcome (Intro):

Our intro track opens with the illusion that you are in a graveyard. As the speaker goes on you start to see, the man is the devil. You hear crows, bells, winds, everything you need to set the mood to welcome you to our hell.

2. Vow:

Is a very fast trashy yet melodic track that blends clean and harsh vocals. It has a unique style of breakdown that keeps the song flowing in a fast-paced way. You can find long screams, harmonized cleans, fast riffs, and hard-hitting drums on this track. Lyrically the song is about being the devil and needing to honor your work but hating doing it. He doesn’t want to be the devil, but he knows he has to be to keep this world together.

3. Bury The Hatchet:

Our single track showcases what we are. This is a fast, heavy track where the clean vocals shine! With a very catchy chorus that you can sing along, I feel the fans will enjoy, with and a breakdown that’s aggressive and heavy leads that are technical, talented drumming, and great screams. This is who we are! Lyrically it is about not giving up or giving in. If you have something worth fighting for. You must fight for it.

4. Manhattan:

This song is designed for mosh pits. Drawing inspiration from the atomic bomb, Manhattan has more of a political focus lyrically, criticizing man's need for dominance and superiority while disregarding the needs of society.

5. Pursuit:

This is our most adventurous song to date. This song features an orchestral arrangement at the start before slamming into harmonized, sweep-picking guitars. The song focuses on being in a dark place emotionally and mentally and finding the inner strength to find a positive way to heal.

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