Track By Tracks: Trash Heads - Vandalism (2021)

1. Scattergun:

Built around guitarist Mark's riff, this is the oldest song on the album dating back to 2016 and had been a live favourite for a couple of years before we started recording the album and just had to be on there. We didn't feel the riff by itself was poking out enough so struck upon the idea of having some 'Ghost' style keyboards to give it a lift. The song is about having a lack of focus and not knowing what you're doing - something we've all felt at some point!

2. Wrecking Ball:

Once again built around a big simple riff, something to headbang to! Singer/bassist AJ wrote is aiming for an 'Enter Sandman'/Slipknot style banger but it morphed into something different following input from the rest of the band, who added more dynamics. The song is about being too afraid to stick up for yourself but then someone comes into your life and bulldozes your problems for you!

3. DNA:

Influenced by At The Drive In, QOTSA and even Arctic Monkeys, this is a quirky monster of a song which lurches from awkward riffs to straight driving rock to a bit of dub. And then smashes you with a big catchy chorus. This song is the band in a nutshell - varying influences but still feeling the need to write an actual song with memorable melodies. DNA stands for Don't Need Anyone in this case, a song for all the loners out there.

4. Green Light:

Another AJ riff that started off more off a punk song but became more GnR and even Supergrass-like when we stripped parts of it back (particularly the verses). Partly dedicated to our favourite local venue, Leo's Red Lion ('Green Light, Red Roar') and also about moving forward and taking no shit!

5. Set It Right:

This was the second single taken from the album, Mark wrote a menacing riff in a rehearsal which sprung out into the 60s/Nirvana grunge song and then a big bright chorus popped out from AJs head as a kind of counter-point to the beginning of the song. A total earworm!

6. Bring It On:

Trash Heads unleash their more metal/thrash taste and background. We thought it would be fun to have a left turn into more metal territory after another catchy chorus. This song went through a lot of different arrangements, particularly with the middle section but is now a love favourite and fun to play with its main heavy riff.

7. None of the Above:

The first single, this was actually released over a year ago before the rest of the album was delayed due to Covid/lockdowns. This is a very poppy number, started life as a more punky protest song it's more laid back but the lyrics are still quite harsh. The song is about feeling let down by people in power, and ended up being particularly timely last year with Boris Johnson's rise to power.

8. Vertigo:

A full-on, balls out, rock banger which also features Mick C. Stevens, the singer from stoner metalllers 'Orphan Gears' on guest vocals in the last half of the song. AJ actually suffers from vertigo so used this as a metaphor for feeling disorientated by everything going on around the world at the moment.

9. No Sparks:

A sister song to 'DNA' (written at the same time), more lurching riffs and time signatures and a very hooky chorus. This song is about the slow disintegration of a relationship.

10. Monster (For Your Love):

This is another song where we tried something different to our usual style of a rock song. Quirky riffs and rhythm section, a skank/dub middle section and a big sing-a-long chorus. Quite exhausting to play live too!

11. (one of the above):

This started life as a coda to 'None of the Above' (it's the same chords as the chorus), but Mark re-imagined it as a beautiful interlude/intrsumental which we felt would be better coming back later in the album and breaks up some of the more uptempo songs.

12. Uncanny Valley:

The newest song on the album and made it at the last minute, it's since become a live favourite and took on a new life when guitarist Tony added the end section/guitar melody. A song about feeling uncomfortable with the modern world.

13. Vandals:

The ending of this track was meant to invoke a sort of audio panic attack. A repeating cycle which feels like it might never end. Then there's a huge feeling of closure when it finally does. It's important to end an album in a way that feels like a dramatic conclusion, and we hope we've achieved it here. Lyrically it's the centre point of the album, and informed the title - a bit of an anti-Trump anthem really!

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