Band Biographies: Kingseeker

Kingseeker are a powerful and energetic metal/hardcore band from Norway.

After guitarist Aaron Veliz decided to end his previous project "Murder The Traitor" in 2017, he got hold of his old friend and producer Emil Bringsli and started working on creating new music.

They went through several genres and several vocalists, until they found vocalist Jan Magne Abel Opsahl via a Facebook ad.

When they met for the first time, they immediately understood that they spoke the same language, and at the first meeting they wrote two songs.

Their first released the single "Empires" which P3 Urørt put on the recommended list and untouched the editors commented "Captivating, heavy and fast hardcore".

With song release number 2 "Umbra", the song was also recommended on Norwegian national youth radio, "P3". and Urørt said "It hits like a bullet, it's hard, it's catchy, and that's what I like to listen to when I'm working out".

They’ve been able to create an aggressive, beautiful and energetic sound influenced by modern metal and hardcore acts.

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