Behind The Artworks: Mantic Ritual - Crusader (2022)


For the album art, let's dive into the realities of money. Doing shit on a budget is the only option for Mantic at this time. We're funding much of this ourselves (however M-Theory has been gracious), and it's sometimes a matter of: getting creative and/or taking what you can get. There are lots of folks selling art from all corners of the globe. If you've got a band, you probably already have an instagram message box full of solicitations. We sifted through a lot and came to this. But I am pleased, it matches the vibe I want for a 7in. QUICK ANSWER HERE: the silver lining is this: the art roughly matches themes in black funeral, and going further, it's a crude illustration of the Executioner cover, many years later: all bones. Our forthcoming EP has a better story...

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