Behind The Tracks: QU!ET - There's No Escape (Single) (2022)

What started off as an emo sounding guitar melody back in October 2017, There’s No Escape has come a very long way to finally making it as a finished song. When we first began writing it, we were quickly attached to the atmosphere of it. The key signature, guitar effects, and synths gave it a vibe we loved. However, there was something about how the drums and bass were written. We just weren’t feeling the song in general when we’d listen to the demo, but in late 2019, we stumbled upon some random hip hop tracks on Spotify, and listening to them had an impact on the drum beat, and led to an amazing bass melody as well! I couldn’t even tell you the artist, we were just hanging around and writing one day, and we felt intrigued to try it out! I also thought of layering the guitars with a piano, and that brightened the mood to the borderline sad/energetic feel that we were looking for.

There’s No Escape managed to stick around because we kept on running through it at rehearsals, it was a fun song to play regardless of where it was in the writing process. I wrote the lyrics in summer 2018 about an ugly aftermath I had dealt with in a breakup. It was with someone who had many mutual acquaintances with me in music. It was easy to stay clear of each other in person, but once you saw a post on social media, there was literally no escaping from how sad you felt about the way things ended. Technology, and how it affects the human race socially is a theme that I’ve always enjoyed writing about, so I took this chance to mix that with a personal experience together. The emotional attachment I had to the lyrics motivated me to keep the song alive with the rest of the band. I learned that no matter how long or quickly it takes to finish a song, it all depends on the very thing it means to you, so I believe it's important to stick with your ideas no matter how tricky it may seem to.

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