1. This is not a drill:

I think is a great first song with a noisy modular intro and a really “busy” structure once it goes. Lyrically inspired by corruption, panic drills, and nuclear attack.

2. Spun Sugar: 

Instrumental track with a “circus” vibe to me…

3. What you get:

Easy intro and then panic all the way. A person is chased by dogs and there’s shooting. It ends badly.

4. Red flags:

Short instrumental with an almost happy horn melody on top of a harsh intro. Time signature changes just because it happened. Due to one of many theories on Choreomania, a person suffering from it would immediately start convulsing and tripping at the sight of the color red. I think I imagined such a person being surrounded by red flags…..

5. Choreomanic:

Obviously the title track. Instrumental (apart from the exclamation of the word) This was the very first idea I got for the album. It has some sort of a Punk vibe I believe…

6. Walk with urgency: 

The cool thing about this song is that the main groove and bassline are inspired by the intro of a song by my first serious band Creepmime! That song is called ‘King Of Misrule’, from the album ‘Chiaroscuro’ 1995… Instrumental. Titel refers to the way a junky walks with urgency on the way to scoring.

7. Off with the figurehead:

I somehow have trouble with figureheads in general. Pretty much an instrumental Thrash song.

8. Time to let it out:

12/8 is probably my favorite time signature, so I guess I clapped my hands in sheer joy! This one is the single for good reasons I think. Short song, a lot going on, annoying repetitive horn parts, yep…

9. Calling God: 

The heavy midtempo one. I absolutely love the sound of that desolate Bugle! Lyrically: a joke that is not supposed to be funny. Don’t play outro with kids around!

10. Take the money give it to me now:

Title says it all. Here the junky finds what he’s looking for and is reborn. Thrash with horns!

11. Story about the moon:

Instrumental, a bit of a prog track. About the title: I am one of those people who does not buy the moon landing lie. Bring it on!

12. Away from the sun: 

Actually, a long outro based on a bass drone idea I had been carrying with me for some years. Awesome horn parts based on original ideas for guitar and keys by Andy Judd (longtime friend and Creepmime mastermind) and Thijs Ronteltap. Would make a nice movie soundtrack I think.

Instrumental track, kind of a death march. There’s a vibe of blistering heat, hence the title.

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