Track By Tracks: FrazyL - Mon Odyssée (2022)

1. Vercingétorix face à l’Empire / Vercingetorix Against the Empire:

It is inspired by my reading of Jules César’s La Guerre des Gaules. It refers to Vercingétorix, a warrior who decides to unite gallic nations to resist to the invader. Even if Rome wasn’t at that time considered as an empire, it had imperialists ambitions.

2. L’Initiation Mystique d’Odin / Odin Mystical Initiation:

This song is inspired by a Nordic poem contained in the Edda, the Havamal. It describes among other things, the initiatory ritual of the god Odin, who makes important sacrifices to reach spiritual knowing.

3. La Marche des Spectres dans le Blizzard / Specters Marching in the Blizzard:

It represents all the dark forces trying to hinder the process of someone’s quest to light and freedom. Those specters relentlessly assaulting can make the journey difficult but at the same time help the hero grow stronger.

4. Les Mystères d’Éleusis / Eleusinian Mysteries:

Eleusinian Mystery is an esoteric mystery worship. It talks about Hadès capturing Perséphone to bring her in his underground kingdom, the domain of the dead, also called Hell. The goddess Demeter wants to free her daughter.

Perséphone will be allowed to come back to the surface only half of the year. A symbol of the seeds buried in the ground, sprouting in spring. A representation of the seasons cycle and of the voyage of the souls.

5. Prière en Nouvelle-France / Prayer in Nouvelle-France:

Nouvelle-France is how were called centuries ago the lands in North America occupied by the first French settlers. Le word ‘’prayer’’ refers to the spiritual, religious, and devout aspects of these people.

6. Perdu dans les Dédales du Minotaure / Lost in the Minotaur’s Maze:

This work is inspired by the myth of Thésée, who sinks into a maze to kill the Minotaur, a creature with the head of a bull. The hero will be able to find his way, thanks to Ariadne’s string.

7. La Grande Traversée / The Great Journey:

The Great Journey refers to the tough boat journey of the French people crossing the Atlantic to settle in North America’s wild lands where winter is very rigorous.

8. Orphée, Eurydice & les Lamelles d’Or / Orpheus, Eurydice & the Papyruses:

This is a musical adaptation of the Greek myth of Orpheus, found on papyruses fragments, who visit the Underworld to bring back to life his wife Eurydice. It became a religious movement in antiquity called Orphism.

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