Track By Tracks: THE HUMAN TORNADO - Love Is Démodé (2022)

1. It's Never Too Late:

Couple relationships are a very complex and delicate subject. Although a man or a woman can destroy each other physically or psychologically, it’s never too late to start over but never forget that every action determines a reaction. The subdivision of this song into two parts was a deliberate choice to show the evolution possibly happening within a relationship. This song will be our fourth single; we chose it for its aggressive and compact sound and its unconventional structure making it unique if compared to all the other songs on the new album.

2. Dreamland:

Each one of us has an inner dark side, and we often have to control it to be able to do the best we can in everyday life. Dreamland is our invitation to fight and win our private monster accompanying us throughout life. So we chose this song as the first single because it represents our desire to fight and do our best on stage. The sound impact is strong, the drumming is powerful, the guitar riff is defined from the beginning to the end so that our message remains well impressed in our audience’s mind.

3.What I'm Waiting For:

It’s so easy calling crazy someone talking to himself in front of a mirror. This song was born from the madness distinguishing each one of us and from the eternal struggle between body and mind. We musically represent the swing of moods and the physical and psychological natural consequences of this inner challenge. This will be our third single.

4. The Iron King:

Mankind has been fighting wars, oppressions, and dictatorships for centuries. In these situations there are people hiding, kneeling in fear and adapting to events, while others fight for the common good and to ensure survival and rebirth even when everything seems lost. The sound is raw and violent and only careful listening will bring out our personal dedication to one of the bands that opened us the metal path.

5. Last Embrace:

Sometimes we meet people literally turning our lives upside down. At first, we believe we have finally met the right person, our soulmate, but step by step we realize that our dignity is slowly crumbling. Then it’s hard to give up everything even when everybody tells us to do so. Absurdly, only extreme events can change our minds and give us the strength to make the right choice. This is the first song written during the composition of the new album, that we chose as our second single for its heavy rock sound distinguishing our musical identity.

6. Great Unknown:

Describing the pain and suffering of a terminal illness, that rips us away unexpectedly from what we love and from our dreams without any warning or possibility of salvation is never easy. This song represents the fusion of our sound with something new and deep, and we’re very proud of it. Great Unknown is our most introspective and visceral song and will be our fifth single.

7. Free:

Imagine being forced into a wheelchair, trapped in a world refusing you and denying you any kind of support. Your only desire would be to escape miles away looking for freedom denied by your physical condition. This song, in its increasing intensity, represents the desperate search for a solution apparently impossible.

8. Kill! Kill! Kill!:

Sometimes killing seems the only right thing to do. In this song, rhythm is groovy and tight and leaves you breathless. Our intention is to use our sound to accentuate fears, anxieties and insomnia that weaken us while we try to fight our demons.

9. Compromise:

How many times have we accepted compromises? But are we sure they are the right solution to our problems? Or maybe they amplify them? This song sounds chameleonty and doesn’t accept compromises because everything, for better or worse, has a beginning and an end.

10. Black Mind Hole:

Pretend for a moment to be Hannibal, the most famous psychiatrist, criminologist and criminal, and imagine interrogating a violent and ruthless serial killer. What would you do to find out the truth? This song wasn’t included among the singles because of its duration, but we will always be proud of it because it represents the best conclusion for our new album.

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