Track By Tracks: Krilloan - Stories Of Times Forgotten (2021)

The whole EP is based around an old Swedish fantasy roleplaying-game called, “Drakar och Demoner”, “Dragons and Demons” in English, it was a very big thing in Sweden in the 80:s. A guess you could compare it to “Dungeons and Dragons”. The title is a nod to the adventures we experienced in our teenage-years and a nod to all the people who played the game, experienced magical worlds and went on quests together. The songs are different stories and are not connected in a storymode. I like to see them in different chapters, like an old storybook, under the name “Stories Of Times Forgotten”.

1. Into The storm:

A classic power metal hymn. The first verse is the storyteller on the cover, sitting in his tower by the Copper Sea and reading his chronicles of his adventures. It's based on the final charge on the walls of Nidland (the evil wizards keep). A David vs Goliath battle against all odds, our heroes charge against the army of Vikotnik and legends are born.

2. Yggdrasil:

About the world tree in Norse Mythology and the power of the old Gods of Ereb Altor (the world in this story)

3. Fireborn:

The story is about the disciples of the chaos-lord Nekrom – The FIreborns. They are born in the fires in the realm of chaos and are sent to the world of the living to conquer in the name of Nekrom. In battle the are unstoppable and they brings death and destruction wherever they go.

4. Moonblade:

The sword Moonblade was forged by the dark sorcerer Phalanx when the world was young. It was then handed over to the warrior Telach who under the influence of the evil force of the sword turned to the dark side. He then used the power of the sword to enslave the lands and the people around his keep at the Island of Syrtan.

5. Times Forgotten:

A story that sums up the concept of the EP. A tale of times past, the joy memories can bring and the importance of friends in your life, and the greatness of experiencing things together. May it be in a fictional world or the real world.

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