Track By Tracks: Mainbrain - Jawbreaker (2022)

1. Jawbreaker:

Was the first track we composed for the album, right before the lockdown. This new sound encouraged us to continue with the writing process through the whole lockdown. The lyrics show the point of view of a disturbed individual who, through trial and error, tries to find the perfect blowjob by mutilating the body parts of his victims, especially the head.

2. Pornfucker:

As well as 'Addiction' this track belongs to the first EP we ever recorded, but we felt it was unfair to let them stay with the old sound. That actually makes it pretty old, written around 2010. It is the spiciest track and tries to shed a light on the effects and consequences of porn consumption in personal relations, always with a funny tone.

3. Holme Castle:

Based on the story of H.H. Holmes and his personal horror hotel/dungeon. This track is the one we feel has a more modern touch to it and that can be set apart from the rest of the album. The sample at the intro was taken from the classic 80s horror film 'Hellraiser' whose suffering-seeking story really relates to that of H.H. Holmes and the gore atrocities he committed. 'Hellraiser' is also very representative of the horror/gore films and stories that inspired us.

4. Addiction:

It is the second song we have ever written. Even though a lot of songs were made after this one, it is the only one remaining from that time. The lyrics are a direct criticism of the abuse of substances in all forms and shapes.

5. Anymore:

Possibly the most technical track from which you should expect a playthrough in the near future. It tells the extreme effects of a romantic obsession. In the story, a deranged protagonist kills their lover and keeps them hidden in the car trunk, that way the promise of neverending love is inevitably kept.

6. Perfector Lacerator:

The lyrics are pretty related to the track 'Science' from our previous EP 'Feeding the Beasts'. The protagonist is an anonymous priest who, in the name of God Almighty, becomes a flesh artist. Through laceration and mutilation, he hopes to achieve a perfect, god-like looking human. We consider it is the most black metal-influenced track, primarily due to Chechu, our guitarist, getting back in touch with his old passion for black metal during the lockdown.

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